Friends Collaboration Tour 2018 on Sunday. November 4th ,2018 at Kopi Bang Prend Jaksel

Hello Friends!
Let's Collaborate in an
Epic Clash on Stage
in a Battle againts Evil Darkness
Attack with your Unique Super Powers, our Spirit and Melody will bring Happiness back for good.
Made 4 Friends
proudly united:
"Friends Collaboration Tour 2018"
Sunday, 4 November 2018
at Kopi Bang Prend
Kemang Utara 22 Jak-Sel
Special Forces:
Joint Forces:
•MARKOEM @original_markoem
•BLANKSUCK @blanksuck_
•THE NORTH PALM @thenorthpalm
•ALDY DOWN @aldydownmusic
•3 HUNDRED @3hundred_official
•JACK QUEEN KING @jqk_official
•YAHYA ABIMANYU @yahya_abimanyu
•FLOWCHART @flwchrt
•DUMBLEDORE @dumbledore_jkt
•SEKUTER @sekuterid
•SHARE A STORY @shareastory_poppunk
Mr.Commander (MC):
- Ireng Man
Allied Forces:
- @guitargcijakarta
- @crazyincorporated
- @ruanghijaumusic
- @dapurletter_id
- @acarakitanet
- @cyclicwebzine
- @mvnews_channel
- @saveindie
- @nunggudigilir
- @tothepunk
- @musikeras_magz
- @gitarisklinik
Clash starts 5PM
Entry 30K
(Get a Coffee)
For More Info, Contact: 089629663275
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